Wedding Videography

Real Emotion, from Real Moments.

+About Us

For us, it's all about the story.

We shoot every wedding with our creative, almost 'behind-the-scenes' style, to craft a story that's genuine to you both, but that enhances the emotions across the day. Our style is second-nature to us. It's who we are as artists, so it's clear in everything we produce, utilising both 'documentary' and 'cinematic' elements, as you'll see from our portfolio.


Our style is the combination of our ideals - we never try to be anyone else, a fact only reinforced by the effort we make to offer something different, and shot in a different way, where the need to actually be as invisible as possible, and not interrupt moments for you/your guests, is our top priority.

+Our Packages

In our experience of producing wedding films, we want to keep things real simple, but understand that not everyone is the same, so we now offer two different packages.


The first is our Standard Package, starting from £1345 including travel up to 25-miles from our office in Ayrshire, KA3. We arrive at the venue a few hours prior to your ceremony to start filming the shots that’ll set the scene for your film, moving on to your guests as they start to arrive. Following your ceremony, our focus is on everyone having a drink and a catch-up while you’re away having your photographs taken, before coming back in for your cake cutting/speeches. Following the speeches, we’re there for your first dance, and the 3-5 dances that follow, once party mode has kicked off!


When the celebrations are over, we’ll create a 1-2 minute teaser video, and our signature documentary/cinematic hybrid wedding film, where the final runtime is largely dependent on the kind of ceremony you’ve booked, and the length of your speeches, though we’ve found the sweet-spot to be in the region of 30-60 minutes - like a Netflix documentary episode without all the recaps! When finished, your videos will be delivered digitally for you to download and keep.

All Inclusive.

Our second is the All Inclusive Package, starting from £1595 including travel up to 25-miles from our office in Ayrshire, KA3. Similar to our Standard Package in every way, except that it adds a more personal and intimate element to the retelling of your day. By filming you both while you’re getting ready, and accompanying you on your photoshoot as a couple, the feelings you share in the lead up to your ceremony, and in the moments as newly married, are more present than ever in your film. We’re still looking for everybody having a good time, and to close the day in party mode!


Once the dust has settled, we’ll create a 2-4 minute highlights video, and our signature documentary/cinematic hybrid wedding film, approached in the same fashion though with the additional insight to tell more of a personal/intimate story as the day unfolds. Once ready, you’ll receive the video/film digitally, but also on one of our little, branded, wooden USB sticks in a little, branded, wooden presentation box!

+Our Portfolio

Barns, Mills, Castles + Estates
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Barns, Mills, Castles + Estates.

We love character, especially the vibe we get from these venues, and the couples who get married in them!

Hotels + Lodges.

In the city, by the sea, or in the middle of nowhere. The more personal and quirky, the better!